Classical Kids - The Classical Kids Collection Vol 1

The Classical Kids Collection Vol 1

The Classical Kids Collection Vol 1

Classical Kids

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The Classical Kids Collection Volume 1 includes the best-loved Classical Kids stories: Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Mr. Bach Comes to Call, Mozart's Magic Fantasy and Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery.

Beethoven Lives Upstairs The arrival of an eccentric boarder turns a young boy's life upside down. Ludwig van Beethoven has moved in upstairs! At first Christoph resents their new tenant but slowly he comes to understand the genius of the man, the torment of his deafness and the beauty of his music. In the end he is won over by the music and true incidents from the great composer's life. 

Mozart's Magic Fantasy A young girl falls into a production of Mozart's great opera "The Magic Flute." Sarah, Prince Tamino and a faint-hearted dragon embark on a magic journey from the dark realm of the Queen of the Night to Sarastro's enchanted castle, with only a magic flute and bells to guide them to the princess Pamina. Together they reunite Prince Tamino with his Princess and help the birdman Papageno find his Papagena.

Mr. Bach Comes To Call A magic orchestra and boys' choir surprise young Elizabeth as she practices at the piano.The series' premiere recording opens with the launch of Bach's music into space aboard the Voyager II spacecraft. Mr. Bach magically arrives and reminisces about his life and music; his twenty children, his time in jail and his devotion to the church

Vivaldi's Ring Of Mystery In this touching tale, a gifted young violinist is sent to study music at the Pietà orphanage in Venice with the great composer Antonio Vivaldi. It's Carnival time, magic is in the air and mystery unfolds as Katarina enlists Giovanni, the gondolier, to help in her search to discover her origins.


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