Hear The Music

Musical master, Fred Penner, has spent over 40 years spreading the love of music to multiple generations of Canadians.
Encouraging children to express their feelings and learn from the world around them through song, Fred continues to successfully transform children’s entertainment into a family affair. His thirteenth album HEAR THE MUSIC features some of today’s indie darlings including: Ron Sexsmith, Basia Bulat, Alex Cuba, Afie Jurvanen (Bahamas), Terra Lightfoot.

1. I HEAR THE MUSIC - Fred Penner featuring Terra Lightfoot
2. BIENVENUE - Fred Penner featuring Rosalyn Dennet, Damien, Hayley Gene, Danica, Kendra Penner
3. THIS IS MY WORLD - Fred Penner featuring Ron Sexsmith
4. WORKING TOGETHER - Fred Penner featuring Alfie Jurvanen (Bahamas - courtesy of Barchords Inc.)
5. HUMILITY - Fred Penner featuring Terra Lightfoot, The Good Lovelies (Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough and Susan Passmore)
6. LA VIDA - Fred Penner featuring Alex Cuba, Basia Bulat
7. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP - Fred Penner featuring Jaron Freeman-Fox
8. CHILDREN’S GARDEN - Fred Penner featuring Rosalyn Dennett
9. ANGELS IN THE SNOW - Fred Penner featuring Damien, Hayley Gene,
Danica, Kendra Penner, Dan Wiebe
10. COURAGE - Fred Penner featuring Jackie Richardson
11. CELEBRATE BEING - Fred Penner
12. CATCHER OF THE DREAMS - Fred Penner featuring Basia Bulat
13. TUMBLE - Fred Penner featuring Damien Penner
14. THE RIVER WILL BEND - Fred Penner featuring Ron Sexsmith, Alfie Jurvanen (Bahamas)

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